When coming to a foreign city for a short time, you have to decide where to sleep (sleeping in the park is only romantic in films). There are many options, but it will ultimately fall to two options. Either you:

Go to a hotel, or;

Rent an apartment.

Now, the benefits of going to a hotel are well-known, and if you play to stay for only a few short days, you may as well go to a hotel. However, the lesser known option is to rent an apartment a short time. Why is it lesser known?

Well, hotels spend a lot of money to make sure you come to them, and they tend to be larger corporations; they don’t need you to like it, they need you to pay. This is a subtle benefit to apartments, as the owner of an apartment tends to be a private owner who doesn’t have anything except a good reputation to keep the apartments used. This means that the apartment owner needs to make sure the service is utterly top-notch.

Now, because of this lesser overhead of bored employees, the cost of renting an apartment over time is far less than a hotel. And the benefits of an apartment will quickly prove themselves over time through more than mere cost.

You don’t have a single room; you have an entire apartment. That means your own kitchen (which you can cook in at two o’clock in the morning), your own living room, somewhere you can entertain guests or a lovely lady to have some coffee, and a place to relax beyond a double bed stuffed into a room too small to hold it (usually a rattling air fan in the corner). If you were to hire from us, you would have a fully stocked fridge and your own personal cook; that alone puts it above any hotel outside of a romance novel or Bond film.

So, what are the pitfalls of an apartment? Well, it requires a little bit of time and trust to work. You need to have either experience in the area or a good gut instinct to make sure you’re getting the best value possible. There are multiple websites where you can read reviews, and with a bit of practise, you’ll learn which reviews to trust and which you can’t.

However, we can offer a far less stressful and more convenient alternative; our fantastic service knows which apartments are good and which ones are loud. Our team is comprised of locals who make sure you don’t get lost and that you are guided to whatever adventure you wish and safely back again as well.

Ultimately, we recommend apartments because we focus on comfort; the comfort to invite a friend around, the comfort of a clean room, the comfort of a smiling friend and the comfort of a stress-free experience. No one sits in their closet and calls it a luxury, so why go to a hotel and ruin an otherwise fantastic experience with stuffy rooms, rude waiters and a strange obsession with continental breakfasts?