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About Medellín

Whether you are the type of traveler who likes to go your own way, or the type who likes to have everything planned out for you, is here for you. At we provide the best, reliable services, which are tailored to your needs. We offer private tours around Colombia and personal guides, who will show you the places in the country that will be most meaningful for you.

We work for your comfort and enjoyment: Call us and we will  provide a personal concierge for you, available by phone 24/7.  zoOming team also can facilitate; accommodation, planning events, private transportation, translators, accommodation, legal advice and medical  services. We are always ready, to meet your desires and expectations: wherever and whenever you want.

We will be happy to help you with any plan you have in the country,  contact us. We will show you what we can do for you.

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Benefits of Using Professional Services in Medellin

Benefits of Using Professional Services in Medellin

As travelers, we are always amazed and in awe of the new places we find. Those of us with wanderlust, with an undeniable itch to see everything the world has to offer, often also have a sense of optimism about the people we will meet and the places we will go. Most often, that optimism is rewarded. We meet fabulous people, discover wondrous new worlds, and create rich experiences that will turn in to cherished memories for the rest of our lives.

However, for the experienced traveler, that optimism comes from being well prepared to navigate the terrain where you land.

In Medellin, whether you come to visit as a business professional, medical tourist, or an expat looking for a new home, you will benefit greatly from the services of well-prepared professionals. As it is every place on earth, it is so important to do your research and find the doctor, lawyer, hospital, etc that is right for you. You want the best quality, best service, and best fit you can find. You want to work with someone who won’t be trying to take advantage of you because you are new in town and less experienced with the way things work.

So, if you are looking for the best service and professional advice in Medellin, where do you start? First, find yourself a reputable concierge service and let them do the hard work for you. Tell them what you are looking for and they will find it. The agents of the concierge service know who the best people in town are in every area, the best lawyers, the best doctors, the best dentists, the best hospitals, etc, and they will find a match who is right for you.

For instance, if you are looking for a lawyer, do you need someone who is bilingual? Are you considering moving to town permanently, needing an immigration lawyer? Are you interested in purchasing real estate, either for a permanent home, vacation home, or investment? You’ll need a real estate lawyer. Perhaps you are looking for investment opportunities? You will want to work with an attorney who knows all the benefits of investing in Medellin, such as lower taxes for foreign capital. Whatever your needs may be, working with a concierge who knows all the best lawyers in town is the way to find the lawyer you can trust who is the best at what they do.

Suppose you will not be staying in Medellin for the above reasons. Maybe you are a medical tourist, coming to Medellin for our amazing specialists, for our high quality service, for our greatly reduced rate for service, very cheap compared to the United States. How do you begin the research for this process? How do you find the best physicians, dentists, hospitals and medical facilities in Medellin?

Again, start with your concierge. Your concierge will know all the best, most experienced doctors around. They will make responsible recommendations, based on a comprehensive process of assessment before a medical service provider is able to be approved by the service. Tell your concierge what you are looking for, and they will find the right provider for you. Do you need a bilingual doctor? Your concierge can find one for you. How can you trust your doctor? This, after all, is the most important part of any medical procedure. Well, if your concierge has done the research for you, they should be able to show you why they trust this person. You should also arrange a meeting with the doctor prior to your procedure, so they can explain the process to you, and you can ask any remaining questions you may have.

The benefits of using professional services in Medellin provide the savvy traveler with peace of mind. So you can focus on having the trip of a lifetime.

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Finding Accommodation in Medellin: Hotels or Apartments?

When coming to a foreign city for a short time, you have to decide where to sleep (sleeping in the park is only romantic in films). There are many options, but it will ultimately fall to two options. Either you:

Go to a hotel, or;

Rent an apartment.

Now, the benefits of going to a hotel are well-known, and if you play to stay for only a few short days, you may as well go to a hotel. However, the lesser known option is to rent an apartment a short time. Why is it lesser known?

Well, hotels spend a lot of money to make sure you come to them, and they tend to be larger corporations; they don’t need you to like it, they need you to pay. This is a subtle benefit to apartments, as the owner of an apartment tends to be a private owner who doesn’t have anything except a good reputation to keep the apartments used. This means that the apartment owner needs to make sure the service is utterly top-notch.

Now, because of this lesser overhead of bored employees, the cost of renting an apartment over time is far less than a hotel. And the benefits of an apartment will quickly prove themselves over time through more than mere cost.

You don’t have a single room; you have an entire apartment. That means your own kitchen (which you can cook in at two o’clock in the morning), your own living room, somewhere you can entertain guests or a lovely lady to have some coffee, and a place to relax beyond a double bed stuffed into a room too small to hold it (usually a rattling air fan in the corner). If you were to hire from us, you would have a fully stocked fridge and your own personal cook; that alone puts it above any hotel outside of a romance novel or Bond film.

So, what are the pitfalls of an apartment? Well, it requires a little bit of time and trust to work. You need to have either experience in the area or a good gut instinct to make sure you’re getting the best value possible. There are multiple websites where you can read reviews, and with a bit of practise, you’ll learn which reviews to trust and which you can’t.

However, we can offer a far less stressful and more convenient alternative; our fantastic service knows which apartments are good and which ones are loud. Our team is comprised of locals who make sure you don’t get lost and that you are guided to whatever adventure you wish and safely back again as well.

Ultimately, we recommend apartments because we focus on comfort; the comfort to invite a friend around, the comfort of a clean room, the comfort of a smiling friend and the comfort of a stress-free experience. No one sits in their closet and calls it a luxury, so why go to a hotel and ruin an otherwise fantastic experience with stuffy rooms, rude waiters and a strange obsession with continental breakfasts?

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Casa Kolacho: Rebuilding the neighborhood with urban music, color and art

Casa Kolacho is a cultural hip hop center, located in Comuna 13, an area of Medellin. Within the center, you can find Camaleón Productions, C15hiphop and the GraffiTour.
The GraffiTour was born from the idea of the charity “Mi Sangre and Jehhico,” with the aim of showing international figures the artistic movement happening in Comuna 13. It is a tour in which graffiti is used to show the history of Comuna 13. It’s a tour in which the members of Casa Kolacho depict the history, told by themselves, onto the walls. The tour lasts approximately four hours, passing through the different streets of Comuna 13, even passing through what is known as the “invisible barriers.”

Text source:Graffiti tour


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Why Medellin Was Selected to Host the Seventh World Urban Forum

In April, 2014, Medellin hosted the Seventh World Urban Forum. By all accounts a huge success, the forum brought international attention to the city. How did Medellin merit the honor of hosting this event? Why was Medellin selected to host the Seventh World Urban Forum?

Medellin’s journey to the Urban Forum really began in the 1980s. Best known at that time as the headquarters of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel, Medellin was the most dangerous city in the world. At the turn of the century, national and city officials made a concerted effort to turn things around.

In addition to cracking down on crime, Medellin invested large amounts of time, effort, and money into revitalization. Medellin now boasts a world class transportation system. This system links wealthier and more disadvantaged areas of the city together through innovative measures such as the only metro system in Colombia, using cable booths to take people up hills, and building escalators into mountainsides to connect the disparate populations in these locations.

Medellin created and beautified public spaces. From the Plaza de Las Esculturas, where Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero donated over 20 outdoor sculptures, to the Parque de Los Pies Descalzos, or Barefoot Park. Located between the Plaza Mayor Convention Center, where the Urban Forum was held, and the Empresas Publicas Medellin(EPM) building, the park is also very close to the La Alpujarra government center. This outdoor space was designed  for people to experience the feeling of wading through a country stream, and relax in the middle of the city.

Medellin also invested in state of the art libraries in disenfranchised areas. For example, Forbes Magazine reports that one of the most well known of these, the Parque Biblioteca España, was constructed in what was once the most violent neighborhood in the most dangerous city in the world, Santo Domingo.

Now, the neighborhood is known as a shining example of urban revitalization, hosting this tourist destination. A hub of local activity as well, the biblioteca also hosts community gatherings, free classes, and internet access. This technology has led to recognition by the Gates Foundation for using technology for community development.

Other improvements included the construction or renovation of museums, gardens, and a planetarium.

As a result of these impressive changes, Medellin has been thrust into the international spotlight. In 2013, Medellin won the Most Innovative City award. This year Medellin was recognized as the best place to retire in the world, as well as being selected to host the World Urban Forum.

Held at Plaza Mayor, this year’s theme, Urban Equity in Development – Cities for Life, embodies the spirit of the new Medellin. This city is a prime example of the way that urban design can be used to bolster community and equality.

At its close, the Seventh World Urban Forum had hosted a record setting 22,000 participants, proving that Medellin had earned the privilege and recognition of hosting this prestigious event.

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Why Medellin? Why a concierge? The real question is “Why not?”


It is said there are three reasons to come to Medellin.

The business. The women. The sights.

And because of those three reasons, Medellin is quickly becoming the rising jewel of South America. With the rise in industry, the ever-increasing innovation of its people and the breath-taking sights around the city, it’s not hard to see why more than 500,000 people come to visit every year (and even more chose to stay!).

There is a certain trait the city possess that anyone can appreciate; value. Nowhere else on the world will you get the food, people and experiences you’d expect from a movie with the price you can only find away from America or Europe. Get away from the hustle and bustle of constant stress and worry, and embrace a new style of life.

There is no denying, however, that Medellin is a city on the grow and that nothing less than the most vibrant and imaginative of people can possibly keep up. Therefore, we highly recommend you consider our services. No one can know a city like a native; avoid the tourist traps and instead see those special sights normally reserved for the locals.

Are you one of the many business owners who has come to invest in the acclaimed City of the Year 2013? also voted the most innovative city in 2013 by a partnership of Citibank, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and the Urban Land Institute (ULI)? Or are you one of our many new citizens who has come to begin a new and brighter life in our fair city, with the highest quality of life in the fair country of Columbia? Or are you a free-spirited traveller who wishes to focus on the bright beauty of our city then the boring details? Then we are precisely what you want.

We have only a single standard to hold ourselves to; the highest. We know that what really matters are the small things; being punctual. Being reliable. Being discrete.  Being your friend and your ally.

Don’t worry about food; we will provide. Something gone wrong and you’re stuck? We offer all-day (and all-night) help services. Are you planning a special event? We have already prepared the wine cabinet. We cook, we clean and we do it with a smile. Our only concern is your comfort, and your enjoyment of our beautiful city.

We are there to augment your life experience; to touch up the areas you may have missed. You remember that time you forgot the anniversary present? Well, we made sure that you didn’t, and you got a wonderful present. Are you planning to travel? Of course you are, and we made sure you got the best seats on the plane. You merely say your dreams, and we work to make them a reality.

There are so many aspects of daily life we cover: pet care, banking, pharmacy, repair and maintenance work, handcrafting gifts, cleaning and so much more. We can only hope that you choose the service with focuses on customer satisfaction and providing a higher quality of enjoyment.

We work for your comfort; we work for your enjoyment. We hope to see you soon.

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Colombia’s world cup success has heralded a new era

Colombia’s success in the current world cup is nothing short of a miracle looking at the way they were able to cast a magic spell. History suggests that they have gone past the first stage only once and managed to win only one match in a single world cup until the current one went underway. Their goal chase was phenomenal this time around as they managed to score twelve goals from the total five matches that they played in this world cup. What makes the team they are today? Let us have a look.
Colombia’s fortunes as a football team changed when in the year 2011, Jose Pekerman the former Argentinian Coach took over. Four years down the lane and the results are there for everyone to see. The former coach has led from the front in trying to dig up the talent which laid latent in the Colombian team. His influence on nurturing the team well was indicative in their match against Japan when Colombia beat Japan 4-1 despite of the fact that their key players were made to rest for that match. Jose Pekerman’s off the field tactics have helped chisel the skills of some great players on the field and the Los Cafeteros now make a strong unit which includes the likes of midfielders such as James Rodriguez and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado. Given their success in the past few matches and in the run up to the quarterfinals it seems that whenever these two midfielders get together there is a high probability that they will hit the goal post with the assistance of each other. James Rodrigues has certainly done his country proud with this ability to go past the defenses of any country and to convert any given opportunity into possible goals. Nicknamed the little princess, he currently is a leading goal scorer and a strong contender for the golden boot award. Other players who bear a mention are Abel Aguilar, the central midfielder and the captain Mario Yepes as an important centre-back. All in all the team is a compact unit with good players to defend as well as strike when the opportunity arises. Their convincing win over Uruguay in the round 16 more than re-confirmed their successful tactics on the field.
The “Cafeteros” have succeeded in heralding a new era in their world cup history so far. Their brush-up against Brazil in the quarterfinals resulted in their first loss at this world cup but they have still managed to make their country proud by advancing to a stage they never reached before. The Columbian Soccer team’s dream run has instilled a hope in its people that their dream of someday holding the title aloft is not too far.

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