This Colombia journey is design to uncover hidden natural treasures. Come and explore Colombia lush nature! Begin your trip from Medellin -the highest quality of life city in the Country- Travel around the diverse Antioquia region. Be one of the lucky ones that still use the old train rails to go trough sugar cane fields and smell the sweet air from the “trapiches”. Visit various natural reserve, be amazed by the birding experience. Choose from a different hike in the jungle everyday. Enjoy the overnight stay at an authentic: “Hacienda ganadera“. Experience the abundance in water resources, provided by the Magdalena River. Explore the Nare river on a boat, visit caves and practice sport fishing if you prefer. Go active with the adventure activities at the unique marvel river Rio Claro. Ecotourism in this region is creating new ways of sustainable development and transforming social context, experience  the change!


History & Local living, Nature, Agro-tourism


Active, Ecotourism


  • Venture this exclusive 100% ecotourism experience
  • Enjoy the scenic rides using the train tracks
  • Experience lush nature in comfort
  • Explore marvel floor river and caves
  • Relax at night in an authentic “Hacienda”
  • Navigate the Nare river
  • Discover territories inaccessible before
  • Explore Medellin city authentic life and transformation process

Places you visit:

Medellin, Cisneros, Puerto Nare, San Jose del Nus, Puerto Berrio, Rio Claro





7 days


Max 16- Average 12 travelers


Hotels (2 nts), hacienda 2 nights, natural reserve 1 night


6 breakfasts, 5 lunchs, 4 dinners


Private van, city train, special vehicle for the tracks, boat

Staff & Experts

Destination specialist, bilingual guide, local guides


Journey From:

Per person

Departures 2017

JANUARY 2017: Tue 24 – Mon 30
FEBRUARY 2017: Tue 21 – Mon 27
MARCH 2017: Tue 21 – Mon 27
APRIL 2017: Tue 25 – Thu 1 MAY
MAY 2017: Tue 23 – Mon 29
JUNE 2017: tue 20 – Mon 26

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accommodation icon



La campana
or similar
*option to  accommodation upgrade
mealsMeals include: None
transportationTransport: private vehicle
Average 40 min 35km
staffFree time: from the time of you arrival to the next day
  • Pick up at MDE airport.
  • Meet you destination specialist and start your trip whit an amazing dinner. We will make reservations for you in a great restaurant in the city to prepare yourself for the great time ahead


La campana
or similar
*option to  accommodation upgrade
mealsMeals include: Breakfast
transportationTransport: private vehicle
Average 30 min – Public
transportation: tram 15 min
staffFree time: from 15:00


Memory tour
Curious about the history of Medellin in the past years? Visit genuine neighborhoods, learn the insights from their inhabitants. Witness the transformation of places that where once violent territories. Share with the Comuna 13 community, enjoy meaningful graffiti and ride the only public escalators in the world. Keep it real at the downtown in the “Salon Malaga”; a 50 year old coffee place and tango music sanctuary.   Take a ride on the new railway. Try exotic fruits and learn about medicinal plants at the oldest farmers market in the city “la placita de Flores”. Tour the memory museum unique of it´s kind in Colombia

  • Meet the first project of free, public escalators developed for the Comuna 13 community.
  • Enjoy the street art and Graffiti walking around the barrio
  • Support the initiatives that have transformed the neighborhoods more affected by the war, through art and culture.
  • Have a coffee at Salón Malaga and understand the importance of Tango Music for the city of Medellin
  • Explore the railway line. The tracks have change the zone atmosphere. Giving more importance to beautiful squares surrounded by architectural gems.
  • Visit the -Unique of it´s kind- memory museum, build with memories of the victims Solve some of your questions about the armed conflict in Colombia
  • Walk around the Placita de Flores. Try exotic flavors, share with the vendors   and find a medicinal use for every plant.
acommodationTraditional Hacienda : Quarter horse and cattle ranch
mealsMeals included: Breakfast, lunch,dinner.
transportationTransport: Private vehicle. Average 2.5 hrs 122 kms staffFree time: from 17:00

Old railroad adventure

An adventure following the old train tracks. Take a ride through tunnels and bridges across the mountains on a rail cart. There is no other way of transportation in this area. This situation, have keep the landscape as it was a long time ago. The forest surrounding the trail is admirable. The mix between endemic nature, the butterflies and sugar cane crops is a surprising constant during this trip. Enjoy a waterfalls bath to freshen up.

In the afternoon

Visit a sugar mill: “Trapiche panelero” to watch the handcrafted process of one of the most traditional Colombian foods: La panela.

At night

Experience the quiet beauty of a night in the country side. The ranch have beautiful rivers, well preserved forest and a big comfortable house to stay.

acommodationTraditional Hacienda Quarter horse and cattle ranch. mealsMeals include: Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Coffee, snacks.
transportation Private vehicle . Average 1.5 hrs 122 kms staffFree time: from 18:30

Morning activities

Choose between a horseback trip around the place or a hike in the forest. The hike is a great option for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

You can also take a swim in the water streams and explore the Colombian cowboys life hanging around during the daily activities.

Optional activities

You can visit a close by natural reserve with beautiful waterfalls and take a ride in another line of the old railroad.

acommodationEcolodge Wood cottage in the middle of the forest mealsMeals include: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee, hydration
transportationTransport: Private vehicle: Average 2.5 hours – 105 km
Boat – 1 hour
staffFree time: from 16:00

Morning activities

Have a traditional breakfast in Puerto Berrio and enjoy the scenic views from the Magdalena river. This is Colombia main river and a big protagonist of the history and development of the country. You will visit a beautiful building that still preserve the republican architecture from the beginning of the 20th century.

 In the afternoon

Explore the lush jungle on a hike. Get in the Caves, take baths in the waterfalls. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife. Be ready to enjoy a day exploring the Rio Nare best spots on a boat. Watch how the huge amount of water crystal small streams, help to form the powerful river.

Optional activities

If you choose a quiet afternoon, you can go to fish with the local fishing experts.

At night

Your night a this cottage in the mountain will be magic. The shared cabins are clean and comfortable. With a view over the river, they provided all you need in the hearth of the forest.

acommodationRio Claro Natural reserve . Multiple accommodation mealsMeals include: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
transportationPrivate vehicle: Average 3 hour – 86 km
Boat – 1 hour
staffFree time: from 16:00

In the afternoon

Trek next to a river of crystal clear waters, that runs over million years old rocks forming a unique canyon of marble walls. Find the ‘Temple of Time’, a fossil cavern richly decorated with a variety of stalactites and stalagmites.

At night

Your accommodation is located at the reserve. Enjoy the sounds from the forest open in your open air room.The standard accommodation are shared cabins You can also upgrade to private

acommodationAccommodation: None mealsMeals include: Breakfast
transportationPrivate vehicle: Average 2 hours – 86 km


staffFree time: from 7:00

Morning activities

Enjoy for the last time the last time the lush nature and  landscape and get to the MDE airport for your flight home. Already in love with Colombia? Your travel concierge can help with travel arrangements to add more fun to your trip